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Interested in volunteering with us?


Drakes Crossing invites people interested in volunteering to stop by our station on Monday nights to see what firefighting is all about. Drill is held most Mondays, excluding holidays and the fifth Monday of the month. Typical hours are between 6:45pm and 9:00pm, however drill sometimes is held away from the station. You can also call the station and leave a message inquiring about volunteering, or call during drill times on Monday nights to speak with a member. Messages will be returned as soon as possible, however we are a volunteer district, so we may not return phone calls until a week later.


Drakes Crossing has positions available for anyone wanting to serve their community.  Adults can volunteer as firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and as support services team members.  For teenagers interested in firefighting or medical careers, jointing our cadet program will provide an introduction to these careers while volunteering for your community. Please read the information provided below for firefighter, medic only, support services and cadet (teen) volunteer programs. Contact us using the "Contact Us" page or visit us on Monday nights if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions.  You may also complete an Employment & Volunteer Application by clicking in the red box above.



Firefighters are the mainstay of Drakes Crossing. New recruits are sent to an academy in the fall or spring for training. Upon completion of the academy firefighters are ranked as entry level, allowing them to respond on calls and enter burning buildings.

Firefighters respond on all types of calls and are assigned to different duties such as vehicle extrication, firefighting, medical assisting, traffic control, helicopter landing zone operation, hazardous materials response, and wildland firefighting. Training possibilities for firefighters vary, some firefighters elect to train in the medical field in addition to firefighting.


Medic Only:

Medics are trained in emergency field medicine. There are four levels of medics that typically appear on volunteer fire departments: Medic First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician(EMT)-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic.

Medical calls make up the vast majority of Drakes Crossing's emergency calls, so medics are always in need. Several personnel on our department have elected to just be Medics, which is welcomed, however firefighter certification is recommended.


Support Services Team Members:

The Support Services Team is a new addition to our district and we anticipate that they will play a critical role in providing service to the community. While they do not engage in emergency response activities such as fire fighting or rescue, they provide the necessary support to meet the districts mission. Some of the common activities of Support Services Team include public education, fire prevention activities, fund raising and photography/historical archives. Support Team members respond to extended time scenes to help the firefighters by providing food and refreshments and working in rehabilitation at fires.


Just for Teens!


Fire Cadets:

For teenagers 14-18 years of age we have a Cadet program, similar to the Fire Explorers programs seen across the United States. In this program cadets attend regular weekly drill and learn the basics related to firefighting and medical emergencies. Cadets are able to perform many of the tasks of a firefighter, however climbing ladders, operating power driven equipment, entering burning structures and being in hazardous situations is strictly prohibited. After six months probation the cadets may begin responding on emergencies. Usual tasks of cadets is medical transcribing, fetching supplies and equipment, traffic control, and changing air pack bottles. If the cadet is 16 years in age, he or she may undergo training to become a Medic First Responder and begin basic medical procedures on emergency scenes. Also at age 16 cadets can take classes on Wildland Firefighting and respond on grass, brush, forest and wildland fires during the fire season.

Cadets are a heavily relied upon resource for Drakes Crossing. Cadets gain on the job experience and several former cadets have moved on to pursue careers as firefighters and paramedics.  Visit us on Monday night or contact us using the "Contact Us" page if you have any questions or are interested in the Cadet program.



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