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Burn Lines

DEQ:                                                           503-378-8240

General Agricultural Burn Info:               503-986-4755

All Districts Toll Free:                               877-982-0011

Burn Complaints

Current Burning Info Hotline:   877-982-0011

Smoke and/or Odor Complaints from a Burn - DEQ  800-452-4011

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Sharing from ODF-North Cascade

On 07/09/24 @ 0001

The North Cascade District will go to an EXTREME fire danger  IFPL will be a 3

354608807_647895983902542_2008288895541621623_n (1).jpg

Oregon Department of Forestry. On 9/15/23 @ 12:01 a.m. we will be moving to a HIGH fire danger and an IFPL 2

Oregon Department of Forestry
On 7/01/23 @ 1201 AM

North Cascade District will declare FIRE SEASON @ MODERATE fire danger IFPL will be II


Residential backyard fire pit/campfire waiver from ODF

This is the minimum requirements for a residential backyard fire pit/campfire waiver from ODF. If a resident wants to get a permit they need to call 503.930.3875, provide their name and address, and an appointment will be scheduled for  a Forest Officer to conduct an inspection and issue a waiver.




Meet the minimum requirements as outline in the OAR and ORS:-

  • Campfires must be confined to established campfire rings, stoves or other fireproof structures.

  • The campfire site must not be larger than 4 feet in diameter.

  • All flammable material must be cleared for a distance of at least 5 feet around and 10 feet above the campfire site.

  • No campfire shall be left unattended.

  • A campfire must be fully extinguished before campers leave the camp site.

In addition:

  • There must be a water source available and a hand tool on site.

  • This site will be inspected yearly.

Fire Danger Rating System

Low: Campfires Allowed, Moderate: Campfires Allowed at designated sites, High: Campfires Allowed at designated sites, Extreme: No Campfires Allowed(prohibited)


This designation does not relieve anyone of the responsibility of a fire if it was to escape your control and spread. The Oregon Department of Forestry reserves the right to suspend campfires as well as re-inspect the campground/recreation site.



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