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Add A Hydrant / Firefighting Water Source to your Property.

DCFD has partnered with the Oregon Department of Forestry through a grant process to install "Dry Hydrants" throughout the Fire District. If you have a large pond or would like to build a new pond, we would like to talk to you (property owner/manager).

Dry hydrants provide an easy access to fill tank fire apparatus regardless of weather. A dry hydrant is a non-pressurized, low-cost pipe system installed along the bank of a body of water. The top of the pipe extends above the ground next to a body of water and the bottom of the pipe extends down into the water. This pipe is used to pull water from the source and to fill fire apparatus at rates of up to 1000 gallons per minute. If a dry hydrant is installed near buildings it can be used to provide a constant water supply to fight fires. Come insurance providers will even provide a discount on fire insurance if a functional hydrant is located within 1000' of the insured buildings.

The process for installing a dry hydrant involves a lot of planning, and about a full day of labor to install. Installation consists of excavation of the bank of the water source for the laying of the pipe, the fitting, gluing, and placement of the pipe, and backfilling above the pipe to secure it in place. Several days to weeks later we will revisit the site to test the function of the hydrant, secure it in place using a post, and paint it for protection of the pipe.

About once or twice a year we will test the function of the dry hydrant and assess for any repairs needed. With permission, we may even use the dry hydrant to conduct training thought the year, in addition to emergency responses.

If you are planning on building a pond, the construction of the pond and permits are the landowners responsibility. This would be the best and easiest time for installation of a dry hydrant.

Part of the agreement for placing the dry hydrant is that the Fire District and its mutual aid partners are granted 24/7/365 access to use the hydrant. Some of our mutual aid partners include Silverton Fire District, Sublimity Fire District, and the Oregon Department of Forestry. As the property owner it is your responsibility to keep a clear access to the hydrant available at all times, and not to tamper with it. The hydrant and any associated installations will remain the property of the Fire District and may be removed at out discretion.

Landowner expenses related to the cost of the installation are minimal, usually consisting of a dump truck load of gravel.

For a full copy of the landowner easement agreement, please contact the Fire District at 503-873-6868, or use the comment form located on our website,

Below are some photos of similar installations conducted around the Fire District in past years. The bottom left  photo shows a view of the strainer that goes underwater (it is not always necessary to drain the water source for placement).

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