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Board meeting for Drakes Crossing Rural Fire on 7/18/2024 is cancelled 

Drakes Crossing Rural Fire Department



Drakes Crossing Fire District is located in the eastern Willamette Valley, 20 miles east of Salem. Our district covers land between Silverton and Sublimity on Highway 214, on the Silverton side of Silver Falls State Park. We also provide coverage for Silver Falls State Park and Longview Fiber even though they are not part of our district. We serve a residential population of 800 across 25 square miles and also cover over 1 million people who pass through Silver Falls State Park each year. Contrary to popular belief, we are not a Fire Department; we are a Fire District, with over sight by a five person Board of Directors, not a city council like a true "department".


The mission of the Drakes Crossing Firefighters is through training and dedication; provide a professional service of fire protection and medical service to the citizens and visitors of the Drakes Crossing community.

Members & Volunteers

Drakes Crossing Fire Department is made up of local volunteers from the Drakes Crossing area as well as the City of Silverton.  Volunteering can be done on many levels and capacities.  Our volunteers are Firefighters, EMT/Medics, Truck operators, Cadets, and Support staff.  You do not need to be a Firefigher or a Medic to volunteer to help your community.  Our support members volunteer for firefighter/medic rehab on large incidents, upkeep to our website/webpage, general office work, photography, any many other skills are very useful.

If you are interested in volunteering, please see our How To Volunteer tab or contact us page.

Resources & Links

Drakes Crossing Fire Resource & Links

Fire Departments are often areas for citizens to go to for resources addressing fire, medical and community information.

We have included a few of these resources for you on our webpage.  Please fee free to contact us should you feel additional informaiton would be helpful.

Some of the resources and links we have provided are:

  • Driveway sign program

  • Public Announcements

  • Rural Hydrants

  • How you can add a fire hydrant/fire water access to your property

  • DCFD Newsletter

  • Links to other North Marion County Fire agencies

  • Burn information Line

Drakes Crossing Fire District


19364 Powers Creek Loop NE

Silverton, OR 97381


For any general inquiries, please fill out the contact form below.  If you wish to email the Fire Chief, District Clerk or District Board Chair directly, please indicate their name and/or position in the subject line.

Fire Chief, Brandon Hamilton
District Board Chair, Angie Frye

Success! Message received.

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